Micro Keyboard KB250MAC

(Exclusively distributed by 3P GmbH/Quinta GmbH)





Bound for Business

The Wireless-Laserpoint

Version will be your ideal

fellow. As a business

orientated customer you can

use the keyboard as a

presenter or in

eductation rooms for

easier handling. You'll be

fascinated about its

comfort and effectivity in

your daily business. The

multi-channel Wireless

Technologie will ensure

interruptless usage.


 Saving time - saving Money!


Backlight allows effortless text entry, even in low light.

Hi-grade Lithium-polymer battery approved in car industry;

recharge fast and last longer - up to one month between charges.

While enjoying the movie in low light, the built-in flashlight will give

you more convenience!

The rotary Touchpad let's you use your Keyboard like a remote

control in presentations, as well as in home useage.

Style, comfort and portability, the keyboard will innovate your life!

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Awards and Reviews

Works on / Compatible with:
- Apple iPad
- Apple iPhone and iPod Touch running the 4.0 or 4.1OS

*Note: Please make sure that your device have Bluetooth HID support! If not, the eLIVE Keyboard will not be compatible!



Macnews (4/5 Stars)



User Manual (PDF)